Wednesday, August 15, 2012

There's a Lot to Consider When You're Evaluating Grand Canyon Helicopter Deals

West Rim and South Rim chopper tours are a great way to see the canyon's most majestic sights in a short amount of time. But, it's only natural to want the best price possible. You'll want to check out the terrific online Grand Canyon helicopter deals before you go ahead and book your flight. The discounts for booking online can be astonishing!

Starting Points

If your tour will be starting in Las Vegas, you can upgrade your package to include a scenic flight over Sin City in addition to the Grand Canyon. Helicopter tours of the South Rim treat visitors to scenic lookouts and other points of interest, but the highlight for most travelers is Dragoon Corridor - the widest, deepest part of the gorge.

Several tour operators offer Grand Canyon helicopter tours. Prices vary, so some research is in order to check out the different options. You can find out whether a tour operator is reputable by looking at some travel review sites, which will tell you about a tour operator's safety record, prices and overall quality.

A lot of people think the most expensive tour operators are the best, but I tend to disagree - at least up to a certain point. Yes, the 5-star tour companies offer an outstanding service, and if that's what you want their higher prices are worth it. But some of the other companies offer terrific values on Grand Canyon helicopter tours.


You should also consider a company's cancellation and rescheduling policies. The best tour operators will give you back the full ticket price if you cancel your tour at least 24 hours in advance. They'll also reschedule your flight if bad weather causes a delay. You'll have your choice of the next available tour or a tour on a different day if that's more convenient.

Take a tour's flight time into account as well. The best South Rim helicopter tours will give you between 30 and 60 minutes of time in the air. You'll normally get at least two hours of flight time on West Rim helicopter tours out of Las Vegas. Landing tours are only offered at Grand Canyon West, but they should give you a generous amount of time on the ground in addition to including lunch and all National Park fees and taxes.

Flights are normally scheduled for hourly departures throughout the day, but I suggest taking a morning helicopter tour. There's less air turbulence and the visibility is better than during afternoon flights. I also recommend sunset tours because the canyon's colors are made more vivid as the sun is going down.


Look at the helicopter's seating capacity. The largest choppers seat five plus the pilot. Some companies charge per passenger, while others allow a customer to determine how many passengers will be on their flight.

Normally, the pilot also serves as the tour guide. Good tour operators include a recorded narration of the trip (available in more than ten languages), but the pilot will describe the history of the canyon and point out some terrific photo opportunities. Good companies also include free passenger pickup and drop-off at Vegas Strip hotels. Many offer limousine service.

Helicopter tours are extremely popular, and they sell out regularly. The earlier you buy your tickets, the more options you'll have as far as dates and times are concerned.

In Sum

Above all, remember to book your tour on the Internet - that's where you'll find the best Grand Canyon helicopter deals and discounts. The best tour operators have safe, secure websites where you can book your trip directly. In order to qualify for great online discounts, you'll need to complete the entire transaction on your tour company's website. Don't lose those terrific canyon helicopter deals by phoning in your reservation!

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