Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Visit Some of the Best Beaches in Brazil

If you're headed to South America for a holiday this year, chances are you're planning a stop in Brazil. Known for its incredible parties, beautiful beaches and exciting culture, Brazil draws in more than five million people from around the world every year. Sao Paulo is a an incredible city and the focal point for those travelling on business while many tourists will know Rio de Janeiro and its famous Christ the Redeemer Statue as the destination of choice.

Wherever you end up in Brazil, make sure you make the most of the sun and the sand at a few of the country's top beaches. Check out these spots during your stay and soak in the very best that the country has to offer.

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

Sinatra fan or not, Ipanema beach is one of Rio de Janeiro's most iconic - and for a reason. Ipanema isn't just a beach; the restaurants, cafes and shops that line the shore are all part of the city's culture that most lose themselves in. Despite its reputation it can make for a quiet and relaxing day trip during the week and is one of the most scenic shores in the world.

Itapoan Beach, Salvador

Golden sands, a rocky shore and a beautiful little lighthouse on Salvador's Itapoan beach are enough for many who want to rest by the water for the day. There are a nice selection of restaurants and lots of small, naturally formed rock pools where you can dip your feet in and enjoy some sun.

Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

One of the most famous in Rio de Janeiro and the world, with yet another name popularised in song, Copacabana is a 4km long beach with a vibrant and lively promenade that has been a staple of the beach for more than forty years since its completion. Hotels, nightclubs and restaurants thrive on its shores and Copacabana is set to be one of the Olympic Zones in the 2016 games.

Cotovelo Beach, Natal

Cotovelo beach's calm waters and picture-perfect skies overhead make it perfect for families and couples who want to relax with a drink or lunch at one of the restaurants by the shore. Nearby resorts offer some of the best stays in Natal and you won't be disappointed with the views from the eateries and cafes nearby.

What are you waiting for? Dig your toes into the sand and wade out into the beautiful blue waters at some of Brazil's top beaches. There's no better place to lose yourself during your South American journey and, with plenty of culture and an unrivalled nightlife, you'll never forget your stay.

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