Monday, September 10, 2012

SeaWorld Orlando Adventure Overview of Educational and Camp Opportunities

There is nothing more magical than sea creatures dancing through the waters of SeaWorld Orlando. This premier park offers fun and very affordable field trips for students during school hours as well as summer camp adventures exclusively developed for our fantastic visitors.

You will find that SeaWorld Parks professionally combines education and entertainment in such a way that you are immediately connected to the sea and sea life. You will see and learn about marine and aquatic animals, plants, minerals, and just about everything else sea related during our educational programs.

Find ways to provide your students or your own children with all the magic SeaWorld has to offer. Give them an appreciation of our aquatic friends; make them citizens of the world by instilling appreciation for our ocean environments.

SeaWorld's Day Camps provide adventure and fun for one entire day. The costs are much lower than you would think! Provide your preschooler and younger grade school children education in the world of penguins, watch sharks feed on coral reefs, and touch slippery stingrays and rough starfish. Watch the fascination of dancing whales and dolphins in exclusive water shows.

Learn all about how sea creatures hide from predators and protect themselves during frightening times. Explore camouflage that has been naturally designed and learn how whales, sharks, dolphins and penguins blend into their surroundings.

Resident camps are the perfect way for students entering upper elementary grades (5th and 6th grades), junior high or high school to spend time at SeaWorld learning up close how the park functions. Students go behind the scenes, interact with the animals, and make awesome new friends in an environment that promotes nature and education.

If your child has an interest in marine biology and what it takes to study sea animals, SeaWorld offers in a weeklong camp with hands-on experiments and behind the scenes happenings on a daily basis at SeaWorld. Campers will experience our exclusive rides, up close marine animal encounters and take home crafts. We provide lunch and snacks each day and every camper will receive a complimentary t-shirt and water bottle with all the copyrighted SeaWorld logos.

Love slumber parties? Join our staff and your friends in a Sea World Orlando slumber party and spend the night at the park. Learn about nocturnal habits of sea life both in the ocean and on the shores. Contact our park office to find out more about this very exclusive and unique over-night experience.

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