Monday, December 24, 2012

Colombia Gastronomy: What Foods You Must Try On Vacation

If you're like most travelers, vacations are all about the food! Whether you're visiting a new city or you're going to an entirely different country, adventurous vacationers should make an effort to experience what foods make their destination famous. If you're lucky enough to go on Colombia vacations, make sure to take full advantage of these gastronomy experiences. From light breakfasts, to filling lunches and delightful dinners, to sweet treats and beverages, Colombians seem to know how to eat.

Breakfasts during Colombia Travel

Breakfasts are important, especially during Colombia travel. Breakfasts typically include Colombian coffee, fruits, breads, eggs and hot chocolate. However, if you're expecting a plate full of apples and grapes, you might be in for a bit of a shock. Colombian fruits include mangoes, oranges, strawberries, at least six different types of bananas, dragon fruit, chontaduro, pineapple guava and guayabamanzana, a hybrid of a guava and an apple. Another popular breakfast item is changua, which is a milk-based soup made with eggs.

Main Meals to Eat on Colombia Vacations
Lunch is the main meal in the Colombian culture so you can expect to find numerous courses, including soup, main dishes and even desserts. Soups include cuchuco, a thick stew that's full of fava beans, potatoes, wheat, ribs and peas and mondongo, a soup that's made from tripe (the stomach lining from either cows, pigs or other farm animals.) Main courses include bandeja paisa, a dish that's packed full of flavors and white rice, red beans, ground meat and plantains, tamales and lechona, a dish made of pea puree and pork that's served with a side of arepa.

Delicious Desserts and Sweet Treats

If you're looking for a sweet Colombia gastronomy experience, don't forget about dessert! Desserts are certainly popular here and can include arroz con leche (sweet rice with milk), flan, oblea (sandwich cookies that are filled with a chocolate, caramel or even jam center) and postre de natas, a pudding-like dessert with raisins.

Drinks You Shouldn't Miss

While coffee is one of the best-known beverages in the country, it's not the only one. Hot chocolate is quite popular, whether for breakfast or as a part of a mid-afternoon snack. Fruit juice is popular during lunches and breakfasts and red wine is a common addition to dinner.

Other common beverages include aguapanela, which is made by dissolving a sugarcane cube into water and adding lime juice and aguadiente, a liqueur with an extremely high alcohol content. If your Colombia travel takes place during the holidays, you can expect to enjoy champus, a drink that's made out of crushed corn, panela, lulo, pineapple and spices like cinnamon and cloves.

These foods are only a small sampling of the many different types of cuisine you can enjoy during your Colombia vacations. If you're not sure what something is, don't be afraid to ask for help! Many Colombians are incredibly welcoming and love the opportunity to help visitors get the most out of every single Colombia gastronomy experience.

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